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How to Plan the Perfect Lingerie Party

lingerie party cookies
Image: Lil Miss Cakes

Probably one of the most fun bridal events during your wedding countdown, lingerie parties are a must-have for every bride. Can we just talk about the gifts? Aside from receiving piles of lacy and complicated, but sexy lingerie, these parties are a creative way to bring your girls together just like the old days.

Food & Drink

Lingerie cookies are a necessity, but you can mix it up with cookies shaped as high heels and lips. Find cookie cutters for easier decorating. Have these made ahead of time, or decorate cookies as a fun lingerie party activity—see who can create the baddest lingerie cookie!
Brunch and breakfast food is more fitting for this kind of party and goes well with mimosas and peach bellinis. Fruit is considered a “sexy” food, especially strawberries and cherries. Serve vanilla yogurt with these fruits and for dessert have chocolate-covered strawberries, red velvet cake, or dark chocolate cake.


At a lingerie party guests bring an item of lingerie for the bride-to-be. Unfortunately, lingerie tends to be very expensive, so clarify on the invitation that guests do not need to bring an entire outfit. You could even set a price limit. Guests can bring slips or robes too if they cannot find lingerie in a reasonable price range. Just beware, the girls may convince you to try on the lingerie for a harmless fashion show.


In order to make this party more of an event, have the girls lay out the lingerie they brought and have the bride guess who brought each item. With this game you can even have the guests buy lingerie that reflects their own personalities. Another daring game is “Never Have I Ever.” See who makes it to ten first by going around in a circle saying things like, “never have I ever been caught in the walk of shame.” Anyone guilty must put a finger up.


Pink, red, black, or white are all common lingerie colors. Pick a theme based on the bride’s personality. The sweet and innocent bride could have white feathers and ribbons around the room, while the sassy bride could have whips and garters. The possibilities are endless, but have fun and remember, this is your chance to really go wild. Events like the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner are more formal and emotional, but the lingerie party and bachelorette party should be all about you and your girls simply having a good time.

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