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How to take care of your pup on national dog day

Cute girl kissing her beagle dog in nature outdoors. Lovely shot
Image: Shutterstock/Viktoria Minkova

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend. They eagerly give love, light up when you enter a room, have endless energy and are the best snugglers. On National Dog Day, why don’t you take the opportunity to return all the love? Below is a list of ways to let your furry friend know that you love him just as much. Also, check out the healthy tips for ideas on keeping your best friend at his or her healthiest.
Here are the best ways to celebrate National Dog Day with your pup:

  • Take your dog places. Dogs are social creatures by nature, so why not bring them along when you can? Visit a dog park or the beach. Take your dog with you when you go for a run, or to do errands. If nothing else, walk your dog around the block. Dogs enjoy the new smells, change of scenery, and other people and animals you meet.
  • Have one-on-one time. The highlight of your dog’s day is spending time with you, but that can be hard when you work, go to school, and run back and forth between your various activities. Carve out some quality time for you and your best friend. Depending on your dog, this can mean playing fetch for a few hours, or just snuggling with him or her while you watch TV. Know your dog and know what kind of one on one time would mean the most.
  • Talk to your dog. This may sound silly, right? Well, humans talk to babies, too, and they don’t talk back. Your dog loves to hear your voice. It shows your pup that you see him or her, recognize when he or she is in the room, and makes your dog feel important. So tell your best friend about your day: that annoying meeting with your boss, how your kid was sent to the principal’s office, the coupon you had for milk at the store. Or just tell your dog what a good creature he or she is.
  • Set up boundaries. Dogs thrive under restrictions. They like knowing what is allowed and what isn’t. To you, giving scraps from the table or letting him or her sit on the couch is a special treat. For dogs, it’s confusing and they won’t know what is expected of them the next time the situation arises. By setting clear boundaries, your dog will feel secure. Reward your dog when he or she follows the rules, and see your dog’s confidence shine.

Here’s how to keep your dog healthy on National Dog Day and every day!

Healthy Tips for Fido

  1. Keep your dog hydrated.
  2. Remove burs from the fur by using vegetable shortening.
  3. Eliminate fleas by washing your dog with Dawn dishwashing liquid.
  4. Prevent ear infections by cleaning the ears with a cotton ball and Johnson’s baby oil.
  5. Spay/neuter your dog.
  6. Schedule regular exams with the veterinarian.
  7. Exercise: take your dog on walks, play fetch, let him or her go running with you, have doggy play visits, etc.
  8. Purchase quality food for your dog, not whatever is cheapest.
  9. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly.
  10. Keep your pet lean; don’t overfeed your dog or let him or her become inactive.
  11. Apply sunscreen to your dog’s ears, nose and other sensitive areas before allowing your dog out in the sun for an extended period.
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