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Howard Stern Podcast – Should You Try it Out?

If there is one podcast that you should listen to, you will be recommended to check out Howard Stern Podcast. The SiriusXM’s personality actually started out the podcast because he wanted to be noticed more and become likable. The more that people like you, the better your chances that your shows will rate. Even though it was his decision, he made it public even though he thought that podcasts were not as good as he figured it would be.

There was a time when podcasts were very popular. A lot of people would gladly tune into one podcast after the other because they are interested in all the things that people are talking about. There are some who specifically like certain podcasts. If you want to start with one podcast, you can check out Howard Stern podcast soon. You can also see some of the videos and clips from different shows.

Howard Stern made a lot of enemies when he said that he personally thinks that podcasts are not as good as they should be. People have assumed that he is not thinking rationally. Podcasters said that Stern just did not get the magic of the podcast but fast forward to a couple of years later and it is evident that podcasts are not as popular as they used to be. It seems that people are finding it hard to find topics that they can talk about.

Expect that podcasts will offer these things:

  • Same stories that are told in different ways.
  • Same tones depending on the emotions that are supposed to be evoked from the listener.
  • The guests that become part of podcasts are the same.

It is okay if you would like to see the guests of the show or you are a fan of the guests but if you are not and you see the same guests all over and over again, it will be enough to make you lose interest with podcasts in general.

Business Model Isn’t Working

The reason why podcasts were created in the first place is for business. Aside from the stories that will be discussed, there are also some advertisements of various brands. Studies show however, people who listen to the advertisements of podcasts usually do not purchase or give a second look to the ones that are being advertised there. The products are usually unreliable or they may not be good for the health. Shoppers now are smarter than before. They take different measures before they decide if the product is good for them or not.

There are also a lot of podcast listeners who fast forward the commercials in order to listen to the rest of the things that are being talked about.

Howard Stern’s Show

You may think that because of his declaration about podcasts in the past, that he would end his podcast right then and there but on the contrary, he started doing a podcast that is more to his liking after he quit America’s Got Talent. These are some of the changes that are evident:

  • He has cut down the number of celebrity interviews that he used to do.
  • His episodes may be dedicated to having fun with his staff.
  • He also spends time with his Wack Pack. If you are not familiar with this, the Wack Pack is a group of people who have gone through different things in life.
  • He also has a correspondent who goes to events that are happening currently.

What makes his show one of the ones that you should watch is because of the fact that he is no longer tired. He is doing something that he enjoys and he does not have to balance that out with another show anymore.

If you are going to endure long travels, you may want to download some episodes of Howard Stern podcast soon because it will keep you entertained for sure. You will also learn a lot of offbeat information that you can use as a conversation starter when you meet up with your friends or even when you are just trying to converse with a stranger.

Just remember that one whole session will be about 40 minutes. This is shorter than other podcasts that may last for about an hour or so but if you are into things that you will not hear anywhere else, the Howard Stern podcast is the best one to check out. You will be pleasantly entertained. If you have abandoned it before, give it a try now. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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