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Justin Bieber Breaks Fashion Rule #1: No White Guy Dreads

Justin Bieber, famous for his bad decisions, has just made another one and gotten an ill-advised new hair style.

justin bieber

Yeah, so there’s a lot going on there. First and foremost, those are fake. It takes quite awhile to actually grow your hair into dreadlocks since you’re twisting the hair together until it grows into dense, tangled knots. Which means, the Biebs here has probably had some extensions worked into his existing hair, so as soon as he gets done pissing everyone off he’ll probably just take them back and go for his shaved-on-the-sides thing everyone’s doing.
And yes, people are pissed off. They tend to fall into two camps, those who are offended by such a flagrant display of poor taste, and people who are angry at Justin for cultural appropriation.
You see, dreadlocks are most often associated in America with Rastafarians, who grow out dreadlocks as a sign of their religious faith. Some people says that means if you aren’t a Rastafarian, it’s insensitive to grow them, and thus are angry at Justin for wearing a hairstyle associated with a culture that isn’t his own.
Personally, that argument seems like a bit of an over-reaction. No-one “owns” a hairstyle, and cultures all around the world, from the Carribean to India, have a tradition of wearing dreadlocks.
I have no idea where the name “Beiber” comes from though I assume Justin is of European ancestry, and European cultures wore dreadlocks frequently in ancient times, so Justin could easily be said to be making a horrible decision based on his own culture.
Admittedly, I can see how someone would think differently about the sensitive issue of appropriation and the notion that Justin had any knowledge of Ancient Greek hairstyles when he went to the salon is a little bit far-fetched. So, anyone who wants to be offended by Justin’s dreads is welcome to do so. Personally, I suggest saving the energy and just mocking him mercilessly until he corrects his behavior like we always do.


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