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Best Magical Girl Anime You Should Check Soon

The world of anime will not be complete without the magical girl anime genre. If you have always been a fan of this genre, you should check out the different ones available. Even if you prefer other genres of anime, you will not love anime unless you see one under this genre. Who has not heard of Sailor Moon?

The magical girl anime genre is very popular probably because of how the superheroes are portrayed. People have assumed that this genre will only appeal to the younger generation who are mostly girls but over the past years and all of the different stories that have been created under this genre, there are more male fans coming to pass. There are still a lot of anime series with cute themes but a lot of them are now dealing with more serious issues like heartaches and loss. It will be nice to watch an anime series that talks about the sacrifices that women have to undergo in order to become the protector of people, right?

These are some of the series that you have to try watching soon. For sure, you will not have any regrets.

  1. Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

While this may seem similar to the Powerpuff Girls that can be watched on Cartoon Network, you will be happy to know that it has a manga counterpart. The creation of these girls happened when Professor Utonium along with his son named Ken create a new chemical that they have labeled as Chemical Z. There were black and white lights that have erupted and after that, the 3 girls were created. There are some differences with the American counterpart so if you have loved the American version, this may come as a surprise for you. For one thing, Blossom’s personality may be a bit different from the leader-type that she was in the American series.

  1. Tokyo Mew Mew

Momoya Ichigo is just a normal girl who is excited about going on a date with her crush but the night changed everything as she has been injected with cat DNA. She becomes Mew Ichigo and she has to save her crush from the evil clutches of the monster. She has learned after she fought the monster that there are still 5 more girls who are also infused with other DNA. It is her responsibility to look for these other girls. It might seem easy but she has another problem: she has to get to school on time. This is a magical girl anime series that may be appealing a lot of young girls.

  1. Sailor Moon

Can a list be complete without Sailor Moon? This is a story about Usagi Tsuniko who was taught by her pet cat, Luna about the powers that she can use to save the world. She was able to meet some people who will become her friends and her foes. The whole story just talks about her many adventures and the adventures of her friends too that she has given powers through their rods. You can tell that this is one of the series that is worth watching because it is out of this world.

  1. Card Captor Sakura

There are still a lot of people who will say that this is one of the best series that they have watched. It will be hard to argue with them because this is good. This is well-known and people who have watched it before will re-watch it again if they could. This talks about the story of Sakura Kinomoto and how she has unleashed the power of the cards when she opened it in her basement one day. From then on, she has been chosen to go on a journey which is to find the other cards that are missing or lost.

  1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

This is an anime series that talks about Madoka. This hardworking girl is someone who enjoys living a normal life but all of these things changed when she was exposed to another world wherein witches existed. She is then given a choice if she would like to become the magical girl that she is always dreaming about or she would forget about the world that she was exposed to in order to keep the things that she loves. This is a series that may not be appreciated by the younger generation but will be liked by those who have watched different anime shows for a long time.

With all of the magical girl anime series that are mentioned above, which one would you like to check out? The decision will be up to you.

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