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Male Skin Care Is Perfectly Masculine

Male skin care is important, which I learned when my father did not teach me how to shave. This was not because he didn’t care to. It was because I never asked, and as part of a lifelong stubborn streak I was determined to figure it out on my own. As a result, I did a terrible job for years. I used the first shaving cream I could find, disposable double-bladed razors, no aftershave, and shaved maybe once a week. What I’ve learned in the years since high school (I was also a very late bloomer) is that this isn’t necessarily the wrong way to go about it for everyone. It was just wrong for me.

Shaving is simply one of the many aspects of facial skin care I had to learn about through trial and error. As men, our skin is typically thicker and tougher than women’s skin, but that doesn’t mean most of us can get away without taking care of it. Many men simply don’t realize how much more they could be doing to make their skin look young and healthy—and the healthier you look the more attractive you are, whether it’s in your social life, your dating life, or your career. In my case, my sensitive and acne-prone skin opened that door for me. It was my constant battle with what seemed like the world’s most unfortunate genetic makeup that drove me in my late teens and early twenties to search for better ways to take care of my skin.

Male Skin Care Tip #1: MOISTURIZE

One of the earliest lessons I learned from my shaving mishaps was that moisturizing is extremely important. Any dermatologist will tell you to moisturize after using almost any kind of cleaning product on your skin, and that is because the vast majority of them have the effect of sucking the moisture right out. This can lead to inflammation and generally unhealthy-looking skin. In my particular case, I completely abandoned aftershaves that contained alcohol, as they did more harm than good, and switched to a moisturizer instead. This was an especially wise move on my part as I like to use very hot water while washing my face/shaving—and that thoroughly dries the skin.

Male Skin Care Tip #2: EXFOLIATE

Be careful with this one, as for people with sensitive skin it can easily be overdone. But it is critical to exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface over time. These cause dullness at best and inflammation and breakouts at worst. There is nothing quite like the feeling of freshness and cleanliness that comes after removing all that dead skin. Just remember to moisturize when you’re done.

Male Skin Care Tip #3: EAT RIGHT

Taking care of your body starts from the inside out, and skin care is no different. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, B3, C, and E, and for the acne-prone, limit intake of dairy products and other inflammatory foods. If you’re a health nut these should be easy changes to make, if you haven’t already.

Male Skin Care Tip #4: PAMPER

Exfoliating and moisturizing are fairly basic aspects of skin care, but it would be in your best interest to search for further ways to help your skin look and feel great. The classic image of a woman with a face covered in green mud and cucumbers over her eyes exists for a reason: it actually works. Investigate various kinds of mask and other less frequent, more intense ways of cleansing and refreshing your skin. I am a hardcore advocate for Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, 12 Ounce—it deep-cleanses the skin and draws impurities to the surface, which is especially helpful for people with acne-prone skin like mine. Also look into other ways to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Certain oils, such as tea tree and jojoba, are great for the skin, provided you don’t have a reaction to them. Always spot test first!

Male Skin Care Tip #5: DON’T BE AFRAID OF MAKEUP

Small amounts of makeup can do wonders to get rid of those bags under your eyes or reduce the redness of an unfortunately timed breakout. Many makeup products also double as moisturizers, sunblock, or both. Just like those spa treatments I mentioned earlier, there is no reason to feel like using makeup will threaten your manhood. Used in small quantities, no one will even be able to tell, and you will look better.

These are just a few pointers and possibilities—really, the options are almost as endless as the types of skin out there. You will never be able to exactly replicate someone else’s routine with the exact same results. But it is worth looking into how to care for your skin, even if you happen to be one of those lucky people with very few problems. At the very least, taking care of your skin will help you feel relaxed and confident, and feeling that way will help in every area of life and get you where you want to be.

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