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Tips for planning a timeless spring barn wedding

Bride and groom at wedding Day walking Outdoors on spring nature. Bridal couple, Happy Newlywed woman and man embracing in green park. Loving wedding couple outdoor. Bride and groom
Image: Viacheslav Boiko/Shutterstock

While autumn weddings are in full swing at the moment, and winter weddings are just around the corner, there’s something endearing about waiting for the new year to finally bloom into lush flowers and greenery again before your big day.
When the air is finally warming up and the earth is becoming greener each day, a spring wedding is almost always made memorable by being held on a lovely piece of land. The only problem? Outdoor weddings in spring have the tendency to be chilly as the day fades and the night sets in. The solution? Have a spring barn wedding.
While the spring barn wedding has swept across the wedding scene in recent years, giving the illusion of being trendy, the truth is that barn weddings are a tale as old as time. There were weddings being held in barns before the 2015 Mason Jar trend, and there will continue to be barn weddings throughout time. Like pearls or a nice men’s suit, barn weddings are timeless and elegant—it’s all about how you plan your barn wedding.
So here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a timeless and elegant spring barn wedding:

Location, location, location

The Barn at JAKlyn Manor in Maplesville, Alabama
The Barn at JAKlyn Manor in Maplesville, Alabama

As you probably already know, where you choose to have your wedding is just as important as any other detail that goes into planning a wedding. The location can make or break your big day, especially when it comes to picking a barn venue. Obviously you don’t want to go out and pick any old barn to host your wedding in. I don’t care how handy you or your groom thinks you are, you are going to want to choose a barn that is already renovated. Trust me on this one, there is no need for added renovating stress with an already stressful feat of planning a wedding.
Do some research. Explore barns in nice areas that fit the aesthetic you are going for. Keeping your wedding timeless is important, so focus less on the decorations when searching for your barn venue, and look for structural soundness and spaciousness.
Looking for a barn in the Alabama area for your spring barn wedding? The Barn at JAKlyn Manor, located in Maplesville, Alabama (pictured above), encompasses the timeless look while remaining spacious, allowing you to add your personal touches to their wedding venue. You can reach the venue owners by emailing:

Less is more

The Barn at JAKlyn Manor
The Barn at JAKlyn Manor

With a classic barn structure, there is no need to over-decorate; the history of the barn and the few decorations you have will speak for themselves, creating an elegant look. So when deciding on decorations for your barn wedding, keep it simple; After all, the key to elegance is simplicity. Try to avoid too bright of colors, and stick to a select few complimentary decorations.
In the photo above, also of JAKlyn Manor in Alabama, the couple has chosen to use lanterns as aisle markers, and place just a few lights and streamers across the barn rafters. The back drop is white and modest, allowing you and your groom to be the focal point of the ceremony.

Complimentary colors

Spring barn wedding pictures
Barn at JACklyn Manor in Maplesville, Alabama

Since it is likely that the barn you hold your spring wedding in will be made of wood, it’s important to choose your wedding colors wisely. Keep in mind which colors will be both springy and go well with the grain and color of the wood that the barn is made of. You certainly don’t want your bridesmaids wearing red dresses against a red barn backdrop, nor do you want your groom’s black suit clashing with the brown panels of wood.
I recommend staying away from wedding colors that are trending that season, as they will be overused by the end of the year. Some classic spring colors that will never go out of style are pastels, blushes, lavenders, and navy blue, just to name a few.

Don’t freeze (or toast) out your guests

Black and white vintage country wedding wedding sign with guests blurred in background.
Image: JennyandCasey/Shutterstock

While you and your groom may be all toasty on your big day, it’s important to remember that your guests will get a little chilly in a barn setting while eating cake and drinking champagne in the evening. Many renovated barns won’t be heated, but it is possible to keep the place comfortable with space heaters. Strategically placed throughout the venue, space heaters are a great way to keep your spring wedding cozy, especially when cool nights are almost always a given. So whether you are renting these heaters, or the barn you have chosen as your wedding venue offers them as part of the deal, make no mistake: be prepared that your spring evening might be a chilly one.
On the other hand, some days in the spring can be abnormally hot. Unless the barn you are choosing to have your wedding in is air conditioned (which is a rare commodity in barn venues), I would be prepared to distribute hand fans to your guests, as well.

Spring is for florals

Fairytale romantic wedding aisle with white candles and petals in the evening
Image: IVASHstudio/Shutterstock

This isn’t new news, folks: Florals and springtime are just meant to be, another classic and timeless truth. But when it comes to decorating for your spring barn wedding, it’s important to remember that even flowers can be used sparingly. The whole mystique behind the barn venue is that the barn itself is a decorated and beautiful piece of your wedding that you don’t want to take away from. Nor do you want to distract from the elegance of the bridal and groom party.
When deciding where to place flowers in your barn venue, I advise to, again, keep it simple. Placing bouquets on every aisle or atop every beam is a bit excessive, and boarders on the tacky side. An easy way to spring up your barn without going overboard on the blooms is to consider sprinkling petals down the aisle. It’s a stunning display of color, and it brings your friend’s and family’s attention back to the bride and groom.
What are your secrets to a timeless spring barn wedding?

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