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Questions to Ask a Guy to Get To Know Him

Are you wondering about the questions to ask a guy to get to know him? It is a fairly common question that is asked so read on, for you will soon find out everything.

It is absolutely essential for one to learn the art of communication. Being a social species, communication with each other is what helped us go from living in the primitive jungle to living in the concrete jungle. It is the ability of our ancestors to communicate with each other that brought us out of our animalistic level of existence.

These days however, we are no longer living in the wilderness. We have reached a stage of human existence where we are aiming towards the stars. In fact, we have already left our planet in many ways, with footprints of our achievements being visible in earth’s orbit, our moon, Mars, and beyond. Despite this fact, the reality is that the need that people have for communication in life is something that is non-negotiable. This is something which cannot be avoided in life no matter what.

There are different types of communication in general. It is not possible to use one form of communication for another. For example, it is not possible to talk the way you would with a friend to your boss or a higher up. Likewise, there happens to be a very distinctive way to speak to each and every group of people. And this applies not just to communication in general but rather to the questions that are used as well.

When it comes to guys, there are some very distinct questions that can be asked which will go a long way in improving the way that you get to know him better. Being a very masculine thing, the kind of questions that you ask guys usually revolve around guy talk which includes the typical stuff that guys are obsessed with from morning to night. But at the same time, it can include topics that are fairly common and cliché as well.

Given below are some 50 excellent questions to ask a guy to get to know him better:

  1. What’s your name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. When’s your birthday?
  4. What are your hobbies?
  5. Do you work out?
  6. Who’s your favorite wrestler?
  7. Do you like guns?
  8. Are you a fan of target practice?
  9. Who is your favorite actress?
  10. Who is your favorite model?
  11. Who is your favorite playboy playmate?
  12. Who is your favorite pornstar?
  13. How many women have you been with?
  14. Do you like one night stands?
  15. How many one night stands have you had?
  16. Do you like basketball?
  17. Do you prefer to call it football or soccer?
  18. Who is your favorite soccer player?
  19. Do you play hockey?
  20. Do you lift bro?
  21. What is your gym record for bench pressing?
  22. What is your gym record for squatting?
  23. What is your gym record for pull-ups?
  24. What is your gym record for push-ups?
  25. What is your gym record for crunches?
  26. Can you do one arm pull-ups?
  27. What’s your favorite after workout food?
  28. Are you in a relationship?
  29. How long have you been in your relationship?
  30. Where was the last place that you went on a vacation?
  31. What is your ideal travel destination?
  32. What is your favorite junk food?
  33. Do you drink?
  34. What’s your favorite whisky?
  35. What’s your favorite scotch?
  36. Do you have a brother or sister?
  37. Are you married?
  38. How long have you been married?
  39. Do you have kids?
  40. Do you plan on having more kids?
  41. If you could go to any one place in the world, where would it be?
  42. What according to you in a relationship is the most important?
  43. Do you believe in open-relationships?
  44. Have you ever been in an open-relationship?
  45. What was the last sports game that you had gone to?
  46. How frequently do you go abroad?
  47. What was the last foreign country that you had been to?
  48. Which is your favorite car?
  49. If you could buy your own sports car and money wasn’t an object, what would the brand and make be?
  50. If in case you were to become a millionaire, what would be the very first thing that you would do?

There are certainly plenty more questions that you could ask the other guy.

The above merely gives you an idea about the questions to ask a guy to get to know him better and nothing more. It is merely a stepping stone to a whole new world.

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