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Quick Upper Body Workouts

young man doing Triceps Dip
Image: WikiHow

There are many ways you can train and achieve a strong, fat-free body. Provided you work safely and hard, document all your results, give yourself some recovery time between your sets, and exercise progressively, upper body workouts will offer you your desired results in a short time. But how do exercise your upper body? Are there quick workouts you can consider right away?

Here are tips and ideas of some of the best quick upper body workouts you can try today.

Overhead Press

With this exercise all you are needed to do is hold a set of dumbbells, then create a 90-degree angle, keeping dumbbells at head height and arms parallel to the ground. As you exhale, slowly press the weights, without clanking them together. Now return to your starting position, preventing your elbows to drop and go down below your shoulder height. This helps you keep some resistance.

Chest Press

Lie straight on the ground or on a mat facing up. Slowly bring your elbows out so that they are in line with your shoulders, ensuring that you create an angle of 90 degrees. Now press the weights going up making sure that they don’t clank. Focus on engaging various muscles in your chest. Return to the starting position by lowering the weights and do about 12 reps.

Triceps Kickback

With your hips hinge forward, ensuring your back is flat and the core muscles are tight. Go ahead and glue your upper arms to the sides bending the elbows. As you exhale, slowly straighten your arms the furthest you can, and then bend the elbows to the staring position as you inhale. While doing all this, make sure you maintain a neck position and neutral spine. Repeat 12 times.

Side Plank with Lateral Raise

Begin in a plank position, either modified or full by keeping the bottom knee right on the floor. Now hold a light dumbbell using the hand on top then bring the weight to your front, going to the center of your core. With your arms bent straight, slowly lift weight upwards such that it reaches your shoulder height. Go back to the starting position. If you want more challenge with this workout, lift the leg on top then touch it to your weight. Do this between each rep.

Triceps Dip

You can use a bench or the floor to perform this exercise. Assuming you use the floor, first keep your hands right on the bench and feet on the floor. Using your fingertips point towards your toes, then slowly bend your elbows, ensuring the hips are kept lifted. Now straighten your arms, which you can do by engaging the triceps. If feel like you need more challenge, try balancing one of your legs with both straight, or just place a flat weight on the upper part of your lap. Repeat 15 times.

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