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Relationship tips to reboot your marriage

OPOLJA / Shutterstock
OPOLJA / Shutterstock

A strong marriage can last for years. Over time, though, boredom and neglect can take their toll on even the best relationships. If you find yourself in a marriage that has lost its luster, you might be wondering what you can do to repair it, or worse, second-guessing your commitment. Don’t assume the rest of your marriage will be all down hill from here. Use these relationship tips to reboot your marriage and get back that spark that brought you together in the first place.

Take a Risk Together

Psychological studies have shown that risk and danger heighten sexual attraction. If you and your spouse have lost that spark in the bedroom, here’s a great way to get it back.
Consider taking an adventure trip where there’s an element of danger. Take skydiving lessons and jump out of an airplane together. Go on a African safari, or go swimming with the sharks in a controlled setting. Activities like these can get your adrenalin pumping, which in turn will kick your libidos in gear.

Do a Project Together

Unified goals bring teams together in the workplace, and there’s no reason to think the same can’t happen in your marriage. After all, marriage is like a team of two people.
Try to come up with a project that has a positive goal that’s unrelated to monetary gain. Projects like house flipping, where a lot of stress can occur, probably aren’t a good idea. Instead, consider starting or helping a charity together where you’re helping others. This will not only enhance your relationship, but it will let each of you see the best versions of each other, and perhaps remember why you’re with this person for the long run.

Go For Change

Sometimes, surface changes can help you feel refreshed, and the same can work in your marriage. Every woman knows how tiring it can be to don the same outfit hundreds of times. Well, your spouse might be tired of seeing you in the same sweatpants/t-shirt/nightshirt every day, too. That’s not to say that clothes are more important than the deeper things like personality. It’s just that everyone likes some visual change of scenery every now and then.
Why not agree to go for some change, at least in the wardrobe department? Go clothes shopping together and give input to each other about what you each find attractive on your spouse. Celebrate with an intimate dinner at a new restaurant.

Play Games

Laughter is a deep emotional response that can make you feel closer to the ones you share it with. Sometimes relationships flounder because the fun seems to have gone out of it. With a little silly game playing just between the two of you, you can each feel vibrant and closer to your spouse.
The games you play can be informal and spontaneous. For example, for one weekend afternoon, you each have to speak with a foreign accent, no matter where you go or what you do. Or, buy a couple of water pistols and play Mr. and Mrs. Smith around the backyard. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, because that’s the kind of feeling that will make you fall in love all over again.
Marriage has ups and downs just like any other relationship in life. In a marriage that feels lifeless, it’s usually always worth it for both partners to try to rekindle the spark before resorting to anything drastic like separation. Try these ideas for rebooting your marriage even if it hasn’t lost its spark. There’s nothing wrong with getting even closer to your one and only!

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