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Have You Ever Heard About Tess Taylor Arlington?

One of the most beautiful television personalities you could ever come across is Tess Taylor Arlington. If you have ever been hooked on television, it is very likely that you would have come across her at one point of time or another.

For those who haven’t heard about Tess Taylor Arlington, below is a brief description about her.


Tess Taylor Arlington, also known as Tess Amber Adler or simply as Tess Taylor, is a very famous and popular American reality television personality. In addition to this, she has also been known for her stints as a model, particularly in the men’s magazine, Playboy.


Tess Taylor Arlington was born on February 11th, 1990, in Malibu, California. This makes her one of the youngest of all the models who have been frequently figured in famous catalogues and magazines of popular media.


Tess Taylor started off her career in modeling when she got a chance to be featured in the famous and popular men’s magazine, Playboy.

It was here that she got featured as Playboy’s ‘Cyber Girl of the Week’, for the week of July 13th, 2009. It wasn’t long before she was featured again in the magazine; this time being given the title of ‘Cyber Girl of the Month’, for November 2009.

The two titles would only be something of a starting point for her career at Playboy, because she would soon be named as Playboy’s ‘Cyber Girl of the Year’ in 2010, just one year later.

Having gotten a great deal of media exposure in Playboy, she started getting new avenues for modeling and public appearances, starting off with the Reality show, ‘Pretty Wild’ on ‘E!’. For those who are not familiar with ‘Pretty Wild’, it was a reality show which chronicled the lives of socialite sisters, namely Alexis Neiers, Gabby Neiers, and Tess Taylor in their journey through Hollywood. It was a show wherein the characters would make their way across and through Hollywood’s social circles and climb up the social ladder.

On the show, Tess Taylor Arlington would co-star and talk about her life as a model and more. It was also where her fans got to know more about her personal life, namely about her adoptive family. It was part of a lot of different things that the show was about, including the lives of the other people who were also cast alongside Tess Taylor.

As her career progressed, she was featured as a model for Biatta Intimates, a popular lingerie collection. She got the chance to be a runway model for some time, after which she moved on to other ventures.

Coming to movies, she has not been very active but her filmography does include a minor cameo appearance. She made the appearance as ‘Chloe’ in a Straight-to-DVD film titled, ‘Frat Party’ with her sister Alexis in the year 2009.

Likewise, she was also depicted in the 2013 satirical crime film, ‘The Bling Ring’, where she was portrayed by the actress Taissa Farmiga. Although the mention of Tess Taylor Arlington isn’t explicit, the character depiction that was done in the movie was very much based on her real life persona to a very large extent.

There are other movie appearances as well that she has had a stint in. The ‘My Long Distance Relationship’ was one such movie shot in 2009, where she played the role of Taylor Sister #1. Then there was another short movie titled, ‘Adonis’ in the year 2013, where she played the role of Rejection Girl.

Addictions and Rehabilitation

As with a lot of people who are living the high life of the media, Tess Taylor Arlington has battled addiction issues as well.

Tess Arlington has battled addiction to opiates for a while for which she had checked herself into the SOBA Recovery center. The recovery center is a famous place located in Malibu, California, which incidentally happens to be the place where she was born.

She had initially planned on a stay for about 12 months through an in-patient program at the rehabilitation center. This however, didn’t’ go through all the way as she checked out after about 30 days of treatment. Instead, she chose to be transferred to an outpatient program in the Pacific Palisades.

Dating and Personal Life

Tess Taylor Arlington has dated a couple of high profile celebrities for a while. Some of the famous names include celebrities such as Drake Bell, Ryan Cabrera, and Max Nash. These relationships were largely short lived, with Tess breaking up soon after the relationships began.

In all, Tess Taylor Arlington is one of the most iconic of all the American models and actresses in recent times.

If you haven’t known about her, you might want to check her out. With her amazing figure, sparkling green eyes, and youthful appearance, Tess Taylor Arlington is one girl you would most likely fall for in a heartbeat.

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