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The Audio TT: Review

Silver Audi TT front
Image: Winding Road

Launched originally in 1999, the Audi TT remains one of the most desirable small cars on the market. The original model, and the updated one which was released in 2006, are both available as a Roadster convertible or a coupe (4 seats). However, the small rear bench seat is really only suitable for very small children.
Whilst not the most practical car around, the Audi TT offers prestige, comfort and it is fun to drive. The Audi 2.0 TDI litre diesel engine is economical making it possible to enjoy thrills and a high performance as well as saving money. There are three specs and these are the Sport (entry level), the S line (mid range) and the Black Edition (top of the range).
Driving should be fun and this is what you get from the latest Audi TT. It is responsive and makes every journey a pleasure with fast and smooth gear changes. But, you don’t have to give up on fuel economy. The 2.0 litre TDI engine, with 168 bhp, returns 53.3 mpg and only has emissions of 139g/km which makes the road tax cheap too. Even the thirsty 1.8 TFSI petrol engine will do 44.1 mpg and the popularity of this model means that resale values stay strong.
Comfort is important for many people and the TT is surprisingly comfortable as well as being very sporty. There are a few bumps to be felt over rough ground but there is the option of having Magnetic Ride adaptive suspension fitted which gives a softer ride. The latest model has more room in both the front and the rear adding to the comfort factor.
The stylish good looks of the TT are complemented by superior interior fixtures and fittings too – everything from the dashboard to the car mats and seat covers shows signs of thought and effort having been spent on them.
Although Audi, the company, has increased its ratings for customer satisfaction, the TT has not done as well as other Audi models. This is despite the fact that there have been no major problems reported. This fall in ratings could be due to the age of the design as technology has come on a long way since 1999. That said, the TT has its loyal fans and it still has head turning looks. The model received a full five stars in crash safety tests.
Anyone buying a TT should not expect the most practical car. But, it is quite spacious in the front. The rear seats are really only suitable for very small children and the space there is cramped. Boot space is not too bad with 290 litres of luggage space that expands to 700 litres with the seats folded.
The Audi TT is not cheap yet its sales are holding up well in a market crammed with other coupes. The level of equipment is high and you get alloys, sports seats and a stereo in the entry level version. Resale values are strong and, with the option of an economical engineFeature Articles, the TT continues to be a very popular choice for fans of Audi.

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Arthur Wilson is a freelance journalist and huge car fan. You can follow him on Twitter@Ayup_Arthur.
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