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The Obama/Biden Memes Are The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Election

Obama, Biden
Image: Twitter

A lot of people are sad to see a relatively popular president/vice president team leaving office this January. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have seen the country through some pretty tough times over the past eight years. From acts of terrorism to financial troubles, the Obama presidency hasn’t been appreciated by everyone, but with the uncertainty of the future, a lot of people feel like they are going to miss these two.
That’s why a series of pretty hilarious memes have sprung up wherein an impish Joe Biden plans a series of petty acts of revenge against Trump while an exasperated Obama tries to gently reign him in. They capture the spirit of the moment pretty well and are quite funny. Check some out:

The memes work well because they play up the sort of brash, “real” vibe that Biden, as VP, could display while Obama always had to present a more measured, almost-medicated calm.
Not to mention that for half of the country, the memes are basically an imagined revenge scenario they would love to see play out against Trump.
Regardless of how it goes, it’s hard to imagine that the online community will be quite as warm towards a Trump/Pence presidency.

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