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The top 8 richest comic book characters

The top 5 richest comic book characters
Photo: – The top 5 richest comic book characters

Whether you’re talking about Marvel or DC, the comic book world is chockfull of badass characters that can do anything from fly around the world to control time and space. But a select few of these super-powered individuals also have something else that everyone wants—tons and tons of cash.
Whether they worked for their money or inherited it, these billions of dollars come in handy during their adventures to bring the world into a time of peace and prosperity…or plunge it into darkness and fear.
Scroll down and check out our list of the top 5 richest comic book characters!

8. Magneto/Max Eisenhardt ~$500 million

Kicking off our list is one the most famous villains/anti-heroes in all of comic book history—Magneto!
With the ability to control and manipulate metal (even precious ones like gold, silver, and platinum), the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants has been fighting against the X-Men for decades. His strong belief in the superiority of mutants over humans, alongside his powers and genius-level intellect, would have brought the human world to its knees long ago if not for the efforts of Professor X and his talented team of students.
After stealing hundreds of millions of dollars of Nazi gold from the infamous terrorist organization HYDRA, Magneto uses these funds and his private island headquarters to plot out new ways to take over the world and assert mutant dominance over all of mankind.

7. Professor X/Charles Xavier ~$3.5 billion

Considered to be one of the most powerful mutants alive, Dr. Charles Xavier is a telepath with the ability to read and control the mind of nearly anyone he wishes to.
Born into a wealthy family in upstate New York, Xavier has always been rich, but as an adult with his powers and incredible level of intelligence, he increased his family fortune into another stratosphere. After inventing and patenting numerous medical and technological marvels (ha!), Xavier managed to help design and produce the X-Plane, the primary transportation vehicle of the X-Men.
Seeing as how he can control minds and make anyone do anything he wants, it’s amazing that he hasn’t just forced other billionaires to hand over their bank account numbers. You’re a better man than me, Professor X!

6. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen ~$7 billion

You could call Oliver Queen the “Iron Man” of the DC Universe. Less brooding and moody than Bruce Wayne, more ethical than Lex Luthor, and just as sarcastic of a ladies’ man as Tony Stark, Queen is a force to be reckoned with.
The CEO of Queen Industries and the one-time mayor of Star City, Queen fights crime with his near limitless resources and superhuman accuracy. As a member of the Justice League, he also has quite a few powerful friends to call on in times of trouble.

5. Dr. Doom/Victor Von Doom ~$35 billion

Often considered to be one of the smartest super-villains alive, Dr. Victor Von Doom is the nemesis of the Fantastic Four and the free world!
A brilliant scientist with dreams of world domination and complete control over the world’s mutants and humans, Doom would be a threat to all of mankind armed with just a stick and a couple of rocks, but unfortunately, he’s got a lot more than that at his disposal. On top of building a huge fortune through arms-dealing and technological innovation, Doom is the leader of the entire (fictional) Eastern-European country of Latveria, a land with plenty of natural resources and solitude, which is perfect for coming up with his various dastardly schemes.

4. Lex Luthor ~$75 billion

Ever wonder what would have happened if Bruce Wayne was evil? Well, Lex Luthor might be the closest thing to that scenario actually happening.
The owner and CEO of LexCorp, a multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerate with its hands in everything to weapons systems to food production, Lex Luthor is an incredibly successful and shrewd businessman with an intense hatred for the big American Boy Scout himself, Superman. Born without superpowers, Luthor has built himself suits made of incredibly strong metal alloys with millions of dollars worth of firepower that help him fight against his superhero foes. Oh yeah, and at one point in time, he was the freakin’ President of the United States.

3. Batman/Bruce Wayne ~$80 billion

Most recently played by Ben Affleck in 2016’s disappointing Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Caped Crusader is one of the richest fictional characters in history. Owning a majority of and running Wayne Enterprises, a conglomerate that directly competes with LexCorp, Bruce Wayne has access to the newest technology and weapons, the most advanced surveillance equipment, and some of the most capable designers and scientists in the world.
With his huge mansion (Batcave included), the Batwing, and of course, the Batmobile, Wayne is well-equipped to take on Gotham City’s scum!

2. Iron Man/Tony Stark ~$100 billion

Almost synonymous with wealth and power, Tony Stark is the ultimate playboy. Fast cars, beautiful women, palatial mansions, and super-powered rocket suits. He’s got it all and more.
Having inherited most of his fortune from his father, Howard Stark, from arms dealing and military technology, Tony has taken on the mantle of CEO and inventor with a bit more style than his old man. As the head of Stark Industries, Tony has helped grow the company to unimaginable heights while simultaneously being a part of super-hero teams like the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy and balancing problems like stress and alcoholism.

1. Black Panther/King T’Challa ~$500 billion

While a few of you might be surprised by the superhero that has the most green is the guy who most people just found out about in Marvel’s blockbuster Captain America: Civil War.
The king of the African nation of Wakanda, T’Challa is the owner of almost all of the most valuable natural resource on the planet: Vibranium. The incredibly rare and expensive metal is what was used to make Captain America’s shield and the Black Panther’s suit. Selling at over $1000 a gram, the thousands of tons of Vibranium sitting in Wakanda’s reserves gives the young king a huge stockpile of cash he can pump into defending his people, his country, and the world.

Being as cool and powerful as these guys are, having billions of dollars is just the cherry on top. Give them a hand and hide your jealousy under a sweet mask. Did we miss anyone? Who’s your favorite loaded superhero? Let us know in the comments below!


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