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Thoughts From A Woman: Men Wearing Scarves

Photo: Ashley Webb

Are men wearing scarves the new normal? We’ve seen the trend come and go, or present itself out of pure, ice cold necessity. But some men are left wondering: should I follow suit? Let me break it to you. Gone are the days of men suffering a cold neck with no option but to bare it. Scarves are here for you. And they want to keep you warm. This season’s trend of men gettin’ bundled is here to stay.

And believe me, you can rock a scarf with the rest of them, too.

If we’re being honest, the only reason most men don’t wear scarves is because they’re afraid to look feminine. And I have news for you: gender stereotypes are outdated and unnecessary. What seems “girly” now, was once “manly” (like the color pink– seriously). Little boys used to don dresses. Men wore heeled boots. What I’m saying here is that as time changes, so do stereotypes. Which makes said stereotypes completely arbitrary. You know what’s not arbitrary? Practical stuff. Like sheathing your neck from a crisp breeze.

So let’s get to it.

Firstly, I want to discuss how downright American the scarf is. Aviators, coalminers, and seafarers have all historically looked to the garment in question to provide warmth through cold and windy situations. You can’t argue with history, right?

And secondly, let’s consider their practicality. Scarves are basically giant blankets made specially for your neck region. Wrap it any way you want and it’ll keep you toasty during a long commute to the train or from bar to bar on a night out.

Alright, we get it. Scarves make sense. But how do we make sense of this newfound revelation?

Here’s a breakdown of eleven ways to tie your scarf. Take these with a grain of salt or worship them like the bible.

Photo: Real Men Real Style

Think you can handle the heat this fall? I promise- you got this.

Have any other topics you’d love to get a woman’s perspective on? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!


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