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Tom Phillips WWE – Did The Scandal Affect His Career?

There are a lot of wrestling fans who know everything about the franchise of WWE. They do not only know about the various scandals, the wrestlers, and the stories, they are also familiar with the different announcers of the show. This is the case for Tom Phillips, WWE announcer. He has slowly been rising up the ladder of the company but a scandal that came out recently made a lot of people question if his career is going to become affected in the process.

The Scandal

According to the reports, Tom Phillips was sending out some explicit messages to a woman on Instagram with the Instagram name, missythetattoedgirl. She is a fan of WWE and she is familiar with Phillips who is an announcer for the WWE. They talked every day since he sent her a direct message on Instagram and she thought that there was something going on between them until she was told by a friend that Phillips is already engaged. She has then announced on social media that he has been sending her messages. She has even stated that the girl that Phillips is engaged to deserve better because he might cheat later on when he become married. After she has written her caption, she had tagged Phillips. She also added a lot of hashtags on the post that are related to WWE. She acted on impulse because she wanted an explanation. She wanted to know why Phillips has done that to her.

When the scandal came out, Phillips immediately set his Instagram account to private. If you would check the Instagram account of the girl, hers had been set to private too. Phillips did not comment on the issue and WWE has not said anything about it either.

Being Replaced on 205 Live

There are a lot of people who think that the reason why Tom Phillips, WWE announcer, has been replaced in 205 Live is because of the scandal but there are some details that should be looked into regarding this matter:

  • Tom Phillips does not seem to be bitter about it. In fact, he has tweeted his good luck wish to Vic Joseph who will be his replacement for the segment.
  • Phillips is known to be one of the announcers who is slowly making his way up after Mauro Ranallo left.
  • Tom Phillips would be focusing on SmackDown Live and NXT.

Based on these things, fans cannot help but wonder what is going to happen next. It is evident that Vic Joseph is one of the announcers to watch out for. He is climbing the ranks of wrestling in a fast manner. He is relatively new but he is already being given some major projects. There is a big possibility that he will become promoted again within a year. Fans of WWE should just wait and see what may possibly happen next.

Making It Hard for Other People?

According to Rich Brennan, Phillips made it hard for some people to break through in the world of WWE. For example, his friend, Alex Del Barrio, was hired by the WWE. Like all employees who get to work for their dream jobs, Alex started out enthusiastic about the tasks that he is required to do but Phillips made it harder for him to cope with all of the things that should be done. It seems that there are still some politics involved in the world of WWE. Phillips may have tried to get another guy to do a better job so that he will be noticed more than Alex. Whether this is true or not will depend on the person who will read about it. There are always different sides to every story and unfortunately, it is the truth that is the hardest one to find and to prove.

It should always be remembered that someone’s personal life should be kept private and separate from his career if necessary. It is easier for people now to pass judgment because they believe that they know everything about the person based on something that he has done. When a person has done something good, he would be considered good but the moment that he does something bad, the view of people would change. We should not always base our opinions on what we see on social media alone. There are always things that we will never see on social media sites that happen in real life.

As for Tom Phillips, WWE announcer, we can just wait and see what is going to happen next to him and his career.

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