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How to Grow a Tony Stark Beard

Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr is considered to be one of the finest actors in Hollywood. From the beginning of his acting career in the year 1965 till now, Robert has never failed his fans and viewers. He is considered as the Ironman of Hollywood.

Talking about the beard which Downey had while he was acting as Tony Stark is the main eye-catching point of this article. Downey was rated to be one of the sexiest men alive among women and that perfect “Tony Stark beard” on his face was the inspiration for all the men out there. This style consists of thick chin and neck hair lines and a trimmed mustache. His beard was the most coveted style around the world. He was one of the only stars who were famous for his facial hair. His beard was the most important look in his character which made him a modern hero.

How to achieve a Heroic Look?

The short answer is that any many can achieve this look by growing such a beard. Perhaps some men would think that such a beard would give them an arrogant look in which they would dislike. While there are others who would not mind giving it a shot in trying out a new look.

Tutorial to Grow a Tony Stark Beard

Here is the tutorial step by step for creating this beard. The only tool required is a trimmer.

  • 1st Step

The first step is to comb the beard as it will make it easier to trim the hairs.

  • 2nd Step

You can use a scissor to trim the beard if you are looking to having one that is longer in length.

  • 3rd Step

Trim the whole hair by using an electric beard trimmer to reduce the length and remove excess hair from the face. You can give your goatee the desired length depending upon the growth of the hair. To shape a goatee for this,  keep a picture of Tony Stark’s beard as a guide. You can underline the shape with a pencil as it will help to give the beard a good outline. The outward and downward of goatee should be shaved in the diagonal motion. Make sure that it is not shaved off thin. The middle area of the goatee is the only area that remains thin.

  • 4th step

The final step is to shape the mustache. It should be thin and trimmed. You can use a fine trimming tool for this.

Different Tony Stark Beard styles

There are variations in this facial hair style. These different styles include:

  • Light Stubble

The person having such a style as this is aiming for a rugged look. This style includes thin chin and neck hair with a thin trimmed mustache. The jaw line and cheek hair are faintly rugged.

  • Strong Stubble

This style differs from light stubble in that it contains thick chin and neck hair with an untrimmed mustache. This gives a more masculine look.

  • Lightweight rugged beard

It includes lightweight facial hair of jaw line, neck, and the mustache. The length of hair is shorter and remains untrimmed. Most men like this style.

  • Trimmed look

This style is a trimmed look with a clean, shaved neck and jaw line. The chin and neck hair have a shorter length and are trimmed.

  • Anchor Beard

This one is another favorite style of the Tony Stark beard. He usually sported this beard. This gives a most attractive look.

  • Chinstrap Beard with Connected Mustache

Such beard needs upkeep and maintenance and this is the best example of his beard.

  • Goatee Beard

A good style and is in fashion nowadays. It is also considered as circle beard just because of its shape.

  • Goatee with Disconnected Mustache

This one of the simple go-to styles. This style is different from goatee beard because the mustache is disconnected.

  • Goatee with a soul patch and a dropping mustache

It incorporates thin and trimmed chin hair that is connected with a strong mustache.

  • Thick mustache with a shaved beard

A style with a thick mustache and light hair along jaw line chin and neck.

  • Chin Curtain Beard

It is a stylish Donegal or Lincoln Beard. It covers the whole chin area by growing the hair along the jaw line.

  • Disconnected Beard

This is done by gathering the whole styles into one.

All of these styles were tried by Tony Stark and are popular among his super fans around the world.






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