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Unicorn Food Yes, That’s a Thing Now

Just like the mythical unicorn, unicorn food has ambled from the wispy outskirts of our imagination into the stark daylight of reality. Yes, that’s right. Unicorn food is a thing now.

Where did unicorn food come from? Well, unicorn food allegedly originated from Miami blogger and food stylist, Adeline Waugh. In a bid to make her food images look more appealing, Waugh experimented with a variety of pastel food dyes, including beetroot. Her resulting social media image posts sparked comments that the food looked like something a unicorn would eat. Hence she named her creations “Unicorn Food.”

What is Unicorn Food?

Since Waugh created her theoretically healthy unicorn food, imitators have taken it to a whole new level. So, while Waugh’s unicorn food was made with ingredients like cream cheese, crushed chlorophyll, crushed dried berries and vegetables, the copy cat versions often contain marshmallows, sugary fondant, artificial dyes, and of course, sprinkles. So, basically, the only definition of unicorn food that is accurate now would be pastel, rainbow-colored food that would appeal to a unicorn. You won’t find that definition in Webster’s Dictionary, but it will suffice for now.

Who’s Doing Unicorn Food?

You can’t keep something like unicorn food hidden under a bushel. Waugh’s “invention” has gone viral, and food bloggers everywhere are quickly filling up their online posts with directions for recreating this fun, and sometimes not-so-healthy unicorn food creations.

The most credible unicorn food creator, though, has got to be Starbucks. You can now go into Starbucks and get yourself a shiny new pink Unicorn Frappuccino. Unless their five-day foray into the unicorn food trend is already over. In which case, you’ll just have to hope a unicorn food restaurant opens near you. Or, you can try making your own unicorn food. Just be careful. If you have youngsters in the house (or millennials), your unicorn food will disappear as soon as you try to look at, just like a real unicorn does!

Unicorn Food Recipes

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

unicorn food hot chocolate

First of all, you can’t make Unicorn Hot Chocolate using regular dark cocoa powder. Unicorns don’t like brown; everyone knows that. So get yourself to some store where you can find white chocolate. And if you’ve never had white chocolate before? Well, let’s just say you’re in for a real treat.

Unicorn Milkshake

unicorn food milkshake

On hot summer nights, unicorns like to sip on this Unicorn Milkshake. So if you would like to attract a unicorn to your backyard, definitely start whipping up one of these in your kitchen blender. Warning: Unicorns like to appear out of nowhere, so keep your kitchen windows closed until the Unicorn Milkshake is finished. Otherwise, you’ll have unicorns sticking their heads in and drinking before you’ve finished adding the sprinkles.

Sprinkle Explosion Unicorn Bark

unicorn food bark

Unicorn teeth need something crunchy to chew every now and then to keep them in tip top shape. This Sprinkle Explosion Unicorn Bark does the trick. Just make a big batch of this and watch the unicorns come galloping to you. If you’re very quiet, they might just start to come close enough to eat out of your hand! Hint: If you happen to have a pet unicorn, keep some of this in your pocket as a convenient unicorn snack for when you’re flying over rainbows.

Unicorn Toast

unicorn food toast

Unicorns understand the importance of a healthy and nutritious start to the day. That’s why this Unicorn Toast recipe is so important to learn. Of course, Unicorn Toast is just one part of a balanced breakfast. For the best start to the day, combine this with a Unicorn Milkshake with a side of extra rainbow dust. By the way, be careful not to burn your Unicorn Toast. Unicorns don’t like the smell of anything burning, and they certainly won’t want the toast to be almost black on one side. So don’t try to trick your unicorn by scraping off the burnt part with a knife or anything. They can always tell stuff like that.

Unicorn Macaroons

unicorn food macaroons

These delightful cookies are ideal for times when you want to teach your unicorn new tricks. Use positive reinforcement by giving your unicorn one of these Unicorn Macaroons any time they successfully complete a command. Be careful not to overfeed your unicorn. Unicorns take great pride in their appearance and being overweight will just make your unicorn sad. And no one likes a sad unicorn.

Now that you have a nice collection of unicorn food, you’re well on your way to becoming a responsible pet unicorn owner!






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