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Women and red meat: What are the health consequences?

Beef steak with grilled vegetables served on white plate
Image: Shutterstock/Yulia Grigoryeva

Many women love a good steak…or a burger…or a big bowl of spaghetti with beef meatballs. But, red meat can be very dangerous if eaten too frequently. There are many health consequences that you may not realize. It is simply something that must be enjoyed in moderation and should be cut out if one’s health is less than great.
A few of the most prominent risk factors include endocrine issues, and a family history of dementia, alzheimer’s, or breast cancer. If you have these risks, then you may want to weigh the risks vs.rewards before cutting into that big juicy ribeye. Here is a closer look at the various health consequences that can result from eating red meat.

Heart Problems

Fatty build-up in your arteries hardens your bloods vessels. This creates blood pressure, which is likely to cause a heart attack. If you have a family history of heart attack, or if you have dealt with cardiac diseases in the past, be very cognizant of how much red meat that you eat.

Shortened Lifespan

There is a very clear link between a decreased life span and a high red meat consumption. Eating healthier protein sources such as seafood, white meat, beans, and nuts will help you live longer and feel better.

Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Eating red or handled meat can, over time, intensifies the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a disease currently at epidemic levels. This can lead to a wide array of horrible symptoms and can even end in blindness or amputation of a limb.

Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s

Doctors discovered that increased iron build-up on the brain can be attributed to red meat. This is common in a part of the brain which is normally impaired in the early phases of the illness.

Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

There are hormones which are added to red meat that attach to hormone receptors in the body and can cause cancerous tumors.

Pass on the Red Meat When You Can

If that all sounds bad to you, but you still love your rare burgers and delicious filets, then keep in mind the risks associated with eating it and try to eat it in moderation.  In addition, avoid the meats if you know that you are at a higher risk for one, or more, of the diseases listed above. Eating one steak every few months is not likely to cause you lots of problems, but a few a week definitely could.
In addition, be sure to do things to counteract those risks whenever you can.  If you are going to eat red meat, then be sure to exercise to decrease your risk of obesity. Also, be extra vigilant about checking your breasts for lumps, or try and eat grass-fed beef that you are reasonably sure has not been treated with dangerous hormones.
By taking some precautions and having an awareness about the risks red meat can present, you can minimize or eliminate red meat from your diet. Your body will thank you!

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