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Worst Life Hacks Ever: Don’t Try These at Home

Thanks to the brilliant people who write online, we are inundated with a barrage of silly and sometimes even dangerous life hacks. Here’s a roundup of the worst life hacks ever. The worst life hacks will make you laugh, die, or something in between.

Carpet Life Hack

Letiha / Pixabay

Do you yearn for the luxurious feel of thick carpet under your feet, but can’t afford to spring for wall-to-wall carpeting? Simply visit your local hardware store’s flooring department. Ask for one square feet of a carpet sample to bring home. Carpet samples are free! Cut the sample in half. Staple the carpet samples onto the bottoms of your favorite house slippers. Now you have the comfort of carpet wherever you walk in your home!

Lawn Care Life Hack

Huskyherz / Pixabay

Landscape experts know that one secret to a great lawn is to have it aerated on a regular basis. Aeration breaks up the surface area, and allows easier access to water, nutrients and fertilizer. But why pay to have your lawn aerated when you can do it yourself for free! All you need is two pieces of wood and a bunch of nails. Cut the wood pieces so they will fit on the bottom of your shoes. Hammer the nails into the wood all the way so the sharp ends are sticking out. Now use rope to strap on the wood to your shoes. Walk around the yard as usual and voila! Instant aeration!

Floor Care Life Hack

PhotoMIX-Company / Pixabay

Here’s another easy life hack that has to do with using your feet. If you’re like most folks, you don’t enjoy cleaning your kitchen floor. Yet, you have to get it done, because other people will comment if you don’t. Here’s an easy way to do it that doesn’t require bending over. Fill a bucket with hot water and some bleach or floor cleaner. Pull on a pair of thick socks. Put another pair of thick socks over them. Now step into the bucket with both feet. The final step is easy. Just walk around your kitchen and let the water and cleaning solution do the work! Hint: For best results, drag your feet a little bit as you walk.

Wiper Blade Life Hack

Dibjo / Pixabay

Wiper blades are a waste of money. All they really are is a thin strip of rubber. Unfortunately, many drivers need wiper blades to see through the windshield, especially when it’s raining or snowing. The next time you think about shelling out for new wiper blades, put your money back in your wallet. Instead, get yourself a few zip ties and some old rags. Cut the rags into long strips and zip-tie them onto your wipers. Now you have wiper blades that work just as well as those $10 (or more!) store bought versions, plus you can replace them anytime you want with new rags. Hint: For even better looks, match the color of the rags with the color of your car.

Time Saver Life Hack

geralt / Pixabay

What is the one thing that we all have, but no one has enough of? The answer is “time,” my good friend. If you can save time, you’ll really be ahead of the game! All you have to do to save a bunch of time is this:

When you get your checks from the bank, go ahead and sign all of them. Signing checks is something you know you’re going to have to do eventually, so just get it done ahead of time. You can even multitask this life hack. Sign your checks while you’re watching TV, having your toenails painted, or even sitting in the stands watching your kids play baseball.

Sleep Life Hack

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Are you troubled by bad dreams or even nightmares? These terrible dreams can stay with you throughout the day and rob you of your daytime happiness. To stop experiencing troublesome dreams that your subconscious keeps trying to get your attention with, try this sleep life hack. Buy a set of alarm clocks. A dozen ought to do it. Set the clocks so they go off every 15 minutes. Your body will never have a chance to go into REM sleep, which is when you dream. You’ll never have a nightmare again!

Shoelace Life Hack

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Here we go with feet again! Do you have trouble tying your shoelaces? Once you’re an adult it’s too late to ask for instructions because you were supposed to be paying in kindergarten. Don’t worry. Just buy some sticky-back Velcro and attach it to each side of the shoe flaps over the tongue. Now you can easily keep your shoes on without the embarrassment of failing to tie your shoelaces correctly!

Don’t try these worst life hacks at home, people. You’re better off just doing things the tried and true method that’s worked for eons.

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