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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents

Well honestly, it is not surprising that members of the baby boomer generation pass through a very high level of stress in their everyday lives. Combining the raising of children, working part or full-time jobs, and for some caring for their parents who are getting old, leave the baby boomers emotionally and physically drained of energy.

Whether it is a holiday, festive period or not, there is always an avenue to help out our loved ones by getting them gifts which tends to last for a very long time and help them remain healthy and strong as they grow. The following gift guide offers some creative ideas for gift giving for the baby boomer in your life.

Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Gym Membership

Most times Baby Boomers often forsake their own physical fitness because they tend to take care of others. Lack of exercise can not only lead to health issues and weight gain, but it can also spoil your mood and overall self-esteem. Consider getting your baby boomer friend or relative a gym membership or better still you can sign them up for classes at a yoga studio. They will be so excited & grateful for the chance to work on themselves, and the two of you can also attend an exercise classes together.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: A healthy food cook book

Apart from their need for daily exercise, health is also directly related to the foods we eat daily. Are you aware that a boomer who is too busy finds it difficult to come up with ideas for dinner for the whole family, and settles mostly for frozen or premade meals? You can get them a Clean Slate cookbook .

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: A box of medicinal tea

Green tea has been all over the news together with its health benefits. You can get your baby boomer friend or relative a box of medicinal tea to drink from time to time to be able to keep fit.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Grape sugar scrub

It is crystal clear that grapefruit is great for our digestive system, but have you ever thought about trying it on your skin? It is used in smoothing the skin of the baby boomer.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: A collection of important oil

Essential oils have proven to help relieve emotional stress and better the person who uses them. They can create anything from perfumes and beauty products and home cleaners.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Floor cleaning robots

The floor cleaning robots will be highly appreciated because it reduces the stress of having to bend down and sweep or clean the floor.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Flat shoes

Getting a baby boomer a flat shoe is one of the very few gift people think of but they really appreciate it because it gives them balance and makes them so comfortable.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Self-Watering Smart Flowerpot

For the people who frequently travel, a smarter flowerpot is useful and has that whole “feels like the Jetsons” appeal.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Video calling smart phone

This is quite important because sometimes the baby boomer feels like she is alone especially when her husband is out,having a video call can lighten up her mood.

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Gift Ideas for Baby-Boomer Parents: Spirited Chocolate

Chocolate is something almost everyone wants so you ought to get it for her as well.

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