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Delicious Holiday Chicken Recipes

This holiday season, be sure to make one of these delicious holiday chicken recipes. They’re delectable, easy to make and will satisfy even the pickiest eater in your house.

Cooking for a crowd is never easy, but fortunately, chicken is one of the most widely-eaten foods in the United States today, and for your coming holiday meal, considering making one of these festive chicken recipes. We’ve broken our list down into three categories of holiday chicken suppers, including classic roast chickens, southern-inspired fried and wholesome and hearty chicken pot pies.

Be sure to bookmark these and share them with your friends, because each one is too good not to make it at least once.

Holiday Chicken Recipes: Whole Roasted Chickens

A whole roasted chicken is one of the simplest and most elegant holiday chicken recipes you can make. All of these roast chicken recipes will be a huge success at your holiday dining table.

Easy Roasted Chicken fromPlaitings + Pairings

This one-pan roasted chicken is the perfect holiday chicken recipe for those who hate doing dishes. Everything is cooked in one cast iron skillet and the zesty seasonings keep the taste buds happy.

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Julia’s Favorite Roast Chicken from Food & Wine

If you want to cook like Julia Child, this classical French-style roasted chicken is for you. It combines all of the best flavors of roasted chicken for your holiday meal, including aromatic thyme, sweet carrots, and savory celery.

Crispy Roast Chicken from The Seasoned Mom

This hearty and rustic chicken is a great meal for those who love simple food made right. Not only does this holiday chicken recipe give you deliciously moist meat, but you’ll also get crispy and salty skin with a bunch of delicious roasted veggies.

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Holiday Chicken Recipes: Fried Chicken

If a roasting is the most traditional and elegant way to prepare chicken for your holiday family dinner, frying may be the most delicious. These friend chicken recipes make for the perfect southern-inspired holiday chicken meal.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken by A Family Feast

Buttermilk is a secret ingredient when it comes to fried chicken. The tanginess in the buttermilk acts as a brine that keeps the chicken incredibly moist and delicious.

Over-fried Chicken by Spend With Pennies

It’s possible you want your holiday chicken supper to be healthy, and there’s no better way to make fried chicken healthy than to bake it. This easy recipe results in deliciously crisp and healthy fried chicken.

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Nashville Hot Chicken by Southern Kitchen

Consider yourself warned: Nashville Hot Chicken is spicy! If you have a sensitive stomach, you should go ahead and skip this recipe. But, if you wanted to add a kick to your holiday chicken dinner, give this recipe for Nashville Hot Chicken a try. And don’t forget to keep plenty of milk and plain white bread nearby to help with the heat!

Holiday Chicken Recipes: Chicken Pot Pies

One winter classic worth a try this holiday season is a nice, savory chicken pot pie!

Classic Chicken Pot Pie by Once Upon a Chef

Tender, juicy chicken in a thick and creamy gravy? Yup! This recipe is a gorgeous take on a classic chicken pot pie, and it’s the perfect holiday recipe for the chicken lovers. And great news! You can make batches of these ahead of time and then freeze them for meals throughout the winter months.

Chicken Mushroom Potpie by CookingLight

Chicken pot pies can pack in some serious calories, but this lighter and healthier take from CookingLight is just as hearty and any pot pie recipe out there. For those who are looking to maintain a healthy weight this holiday season, give this recipe a try.

Creamy Lemon Chicken & Rice Pot Pies by Little Sweet Baker

Bright, zesty and creamy are the three words we use to describe this fresh take on chicken pot pies. There’s not much to dislike about the festive and fun flavors in this winter favorite.

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