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Leg Day Memes: Why They Are So Funny

You are already aware of what a meme is, don’t you? Basically, this is a photo that comes with a description that will describe what is being shown in the picture. At times, the meme is composed of reactions that are so funny that you are bound to laugh your socks off! One type of meme that is considered to be funny is the leg day meme.

So Many Leg Day Memes

The leg day meme can be separated into different categories:

  • Leg day memes for people who have skipped leg day.
  • Leg day memes for people who need to motivate themselves to do leg day at the gym even if they do not want to.
  • Leg day memes for people who have undergone leg training and the training was so hard that they can barely feel their legs anymore.

Why Have Memes become Popular?

Memes have come a long way since the time that they were first created by people. There are some memes that have gone viral before but are still considered funny up to now. What are the reasons why memes are so special and popular? Here are just some of the possible reasons:

  1. Memes usually come with short captions. They are very effective in grabbing the attention of people and making them laugh and understand the caption before their attention span is over.
  2. Memes are easy to share. Whenever you find a funny meme online, your natural tendency is to share it with other people. You can easily share the memes too. Whether you choose to download the meme first before sending to your friends or you are going to send the meme directly will be up to you.
  3. Creating memes can be very easy. In fact, you can create your own leg day meme if you wish to do so. The key here is to find a funny caption that will go significantly well with the picture. The funnier the caption is, the more that it will capture the attention of other people.

It is evident that memes are not going to be eradicated from the world of social media for a long time. There are still a lot of memes that will be created and will be spread in the long run. You just have to wait for the new memes to come out that you are going to eventually download.

Are you wondering about the ultimate leg day meme that people will always find funny? What people consider to be funny is always different depending on what they normally associate with the items that they are going to laugh about.

Here are some of the “after leg day” memes that you will find funny especially if you can relate:

This may remind you of what a struggle it is to walk after exercising. At least the giraffe can walk on all fours but remember that human beings only have two legs to support them.

This is the meme that may give you the motivation that you need in order to go to the gym again next time. A lot of people stop going to the gym once they realize just how complicated it can be especially since they have no idea about how to use the machines.

If there is one thing that is hard to do after doing leg day, it is to squat and of course, you need to squat whenever you use the toilet but for sure if you can avoid doing it, you would.

This is something that you may dread but you know that you do not want to skip it unless you want to have a picture that will be the basis of the various internet memes available right now. This meme can actually signify the ordeal that you are about to go through.

For a certain period of time after you have done leg day, you would rather use the elevator or the escalator whenever you need to go up or down. Yet, there are times when stairs are the only option and this meme pretty much summarizes how you feel about it.

Here are other memes that you will find online about leg day that you absolutely have to see right now:

It is obvious based on the memes about that people view leg day as a sort of struggle that cannot be avoided. Make sure to check out a leg day meme before or after you workout. No matter how you are feeling, you will smile with the internet meme that you choose.


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