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Top 5 Cars That Say 'I'm Compensating'

1. International RXT

Two international Trucks
Image: Truck Trend

The International XT line, comprised of the CXT, RXT, and MXT, were a line of trucks built between 2005 and 2008. While the CXT (Commercial Extreme Truck) had legitimate commercial purposes, the other two models were simply for guys who needed to prove how manly they were.
We’re going to highlight the RXT here, because it was made strictly for consumers. The bed of this truck was never meant to haul anything significant, so the work-purpose functionality just didn’t exist. And costing up to $90,000, someone would have to be pretty desperate to prove something to drop that kind of cash on an International RXT.
To prove our point, Ashton Kutcher was an owner of one.

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