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5 Spatchcock Turkey Recipe Videos You’ll Love

What does science say is the best way to cook a turkey? Spatchcock it. That’s right. Spatchcock your turkey by cutting out the back bone and pushing down on the front until the breast bone breaks, and then roast that bad boy at high heat. Spatchcock turkey is the best turkey. It changes the shape to reduce cooking time and increase carmelization (which increases flavor).

Don’t just take our word for it: Here are 5 of our favourite spatchcock turkey video recipes to make your mouth water and sharpen your spatchcocking skills.

Spatchcocked Turkey | Better. Faster. Juicier.

via Jacob Burton/YouTube

Spatchcock Smoked Turkey Recipe

via HowToBBQRight/YouTube

How to Spatchcock, Roast and Carve a Turkey

via The Healthy Butcher/YouTube

How to Spatchcock a Turkey

via Julie Van Rosendaal/YouTube

How to Spatchcock a Turkey for Thanksgiving

via Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph/YouTube

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