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Top 5 muscle cars worth restoring

1. Chevrolet Camaro (67-69)

1968 Camaro Red
By: Walter

Parts Availability: High
Price: Medium
We begin with one of the more common, reliable, and easy cars to restore. The first generation of the Camaro is a great first car to restore and is one that many choose. It came in 3 models: RS, SS, and ZS28. I would recommend finding the basic RS, but the SS wouldn’t be a bad choice either. The ZS8 would not be a viable options unless it is from 1969, as the 1967-1968 versions are rare and expensive. The parts are readily available, so you won’t have trouble finding them ( which seems to be a big pitfall when restoring old muscle cars). All in all, this one has to be first on the list and is one I would recommend if this is your first restoration project.

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