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Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver Colorado

The best pizza restaurants in Denver are no the same types of joints you’ll find elsewhere. Which city or state makes the best pizza? Where can you find the most delicious slice? Whose pie sings above others? These are some of the hot topics on the internet for food lovers because pizza is a personal choice for everyone, taking into account favorite sauces, crust preferences, and preferred toppings.

You know a thin-crust pie from New York is very hard to compare with a buttery dish from Chicago, and a basic cheese slice is absolutely no match for one laden with pepperoni. Still, you can find scrumptious and mouthwatering versions of all kind of pizzas in Denver. Keep reading to learn of the best Pizza restaurants in Denver, Colorado.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver: Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana

Previously, this popular pizza restaurant located in Downtown was known as “Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza.” Now, they have renamed it to Racca’s, and while the name changed, owners Kristy and Mark are continuing to churning out the very same Neapolitan-style pizza (amazingly delicious in taste). You can choose your favorite pie based on regional designations such as Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Tuscany and other varieties of New York City neighborhoods. The best thing about the food staff is the magic of taste, which partly comes from Italian wood-burning oven, and partly from the experience and training of Mark under a bona fide chef Master Pizzaiolo.

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Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver: Hops & Pie

We know that Hops & Pie serves the best beer but they are also not behind in serving the buttery crackly crust of the pizzas. Here, you can find all kinds of pizzas to enjoy with your friends and family. Taking a prompt from the classic deep dish from Chicago, the professional chefs at Hops & Pie sprinkle their hand-tossed dough with cornmeal, which adds an extra pleasing crunch to it. The sausages such as mozzarella are made in-house, which add freshness and deliciousness to every slice. You can order a 10-inch, 14-inch, and 18-inch pizza with classic toppings such as ricotta, olives and mushrooms, Italian sausage, or get funky with additions like pastrami, mashed potatoes, and smoked ham lock. We recommend visiting Hops & Pie for such a great bite!

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Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver: Esters 

If you find yourself in Virginia Village, we recommend you to go to Esters and be ready for the best pizza. The restaurant offers a variety of pizzas but the best among them all is “Law Boy,” which is made with bacon, Brussels sprouts, caramelized onions, and goat cheese. This pizza all at once proves hearty, fresh, and umami-rich. Besides this, if we talk on the tamer side, another delicious pizza you must not miss is the “Mikey.” It comes with superb marinara, spicy pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella. You can make up your own masterpiece but we recommend to choose a house special for an outstanding experience.

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Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver: Ernie’s Bar & Pizza

The best thing about this Sunnyside restaurant is the simple crust of flour, salt, water, extra-virgin olive oil and yeast, which gets hand-tossed the moment you order and swiftly baked into an appetizing and delectable shell. You can choose from Gorgonzola, homemade meatballs, prosciutto, Polidori Italian sausage, basil and much more, all topped with the house-made mozzarella, which is another element that really makes the dishes sing.

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